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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Amazed at the Simple Life of Jesse Robredo

Leaders like the late Secretary Jesse Robredo seem to be the exception rather than the rule, here in the Philippines.  I don't know much about him and I only learned about his extensive local government service due to his untimely death.  But leaders like him, who are selfless and lead simple lives are very difficult to find here!  Every single mayor, governor, congressman, senator, and whatnot in this country seem to have such a big posse who go with them anywhere they go.  

They also have expensive toys with them - a garish car - a mansion with the right address - intimidating bodyguards in barong and sunglasses - all that and more, so much so that when I saw the humble abode of the Robredo family in Naga City - I was completely floored!  This guy was the mayor of Naga like for forever, but from the looks of it, he never stole a single cent from ALL the contracts and deals the city made with whoever!  It's incredible!  Elected politicians especially in local governments like cities and provinces, usually have the sense of entitlement that's why they have their fingers in all the projects done in the city! 15% here, 20% there, maybe a condo here - you know exactly what I mean. But I guess, not Sec. Jesse Robredo.  His humility and lack of pretension equals only that of Cory Aquino.  I really wish we had more leaders like them.

And now he's gone......What a pity......

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