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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Traits of Filipinos That We Can Be Proud Of

Becoming successful in the field of business or profession is not an easy task.  Whereas, becoming famous and   most in demand artist or talent is confronted with lots of challenges and risks either.  Remember, not all people are qualified to become successful entrepreneurs, professionals, artists or athletes.  People may be rich, famous, and influential but if you lack the traits to become a successful in your field of endeavor, then you can not succeed in spite of how many times you try.  However Filipino people have somewhat unique legacy among the rest of the world.  Filipinos have outstanding traits that make us distinctive from the other culture. This is also the main reason that a lot of Filipino people have the ability to alter the course of their destiny. Filipinos are indeed   world-class people with their unique qualities that can not be found in any other nationalities.    We should be proud   with our exceptional traits as Filipinos because   it only shows how competent Filipinos are in the local industry, and even in the international industry.  Personally, I truly observe that most of the rich and successful Filipino entrepreneurs and artists nowadays   have not been able to attain any greatest education from the premium schools; foremost, most of them came from rugs to riches.  But, look at them now; many Filipino entrepreneurs have already owned various multinational corporations here in the Philippines. While, most Filipino artists and talents are indeed successful in their chosen careers as well.  Aside from owning several properties and business establishments in the country; they are even globally recognized for their outstanding contributions in the international arena.  What they have are the three very important common traits of Filipinos that we can be proud of; and they include their  creativity, strong self-confidence, and determination in life.
Furthermore, there are many Filipino artists who despite came from   poor families, are still able to let their selves shine nowadays in the field of acting and singing in local scene, and foremost in the international scene. And, because of their exceptional talent in the field of arts, they can easily adapt to the requirement that the job calls for.  Additionally, it is very important that Filipinos truly believe   that we can highly excel among the rest of the people in the world. We are naturally gifted with unique talent, artistry and creativity by our God.  As you can see, there are many Filipino artists, who sing and act magnificently even without formal training.  Eventually, they shine even more with formal training and proper coaching.  In addition to that, Filipinos have that “common sense” quality.  Let us take for example, our   own World Boxing Champion Congressman Manny Pacquiao.  He is the living proof of having Filipino traits that you can never find in other nationalities.  Who else..? Charisse Pempengco is another   pride of Filipinos.  Despite the fact, that she raised from a poor family in Laguna,   and has not been able to acquire a formal education.   It did not stop her to reach her dream to become a successful international artist.  And, that is because she acquires the traits of the Filipinos that we can always be proud of to the rest of the world.  She is indeed a world-class artist, who knows what she really got, that is why she is full of pride to show it to the rest of the world.  Look at her now, Charisse Pempengco is one of the famous and richest Filipino female singers   in the Philippines today.  Another good example here are the PLDT and TV 5 businessman icon Manuel Pangilinan and the controversial TV host Willie Revillame.  
There are many Filipino businessmen who are in the peak of their entrepreneurial careers, merely because of their determination and courage to succeed in life. And, more than anything else is the   leadership skills that are already in still in them.  At the same time, they really believe in themselves that is the reason that they enable to surpass every challenges that they face everyday.  Besides, Filipino entrepreneurs have that strong common sense and stock knowledge that they use in if a certain situation calls for it.  Common sense is very vital in running any business.  In fact, it is the strong foundation for anyone’s success in every field or business too.  Many Filipinos have the clear knowledge on how to run effectively the business.  As well as they acquire self confidence, and creativity that allows Filipino entrepreneurs to   surpass all the obstacles that come in their way.  They know how to stand up and bounce back after numerous failures and adversities. 

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